Wedding Party Bus Rental

Successful weddings require arranging what feels like a thousand details, and transportation is one of the most important. Austin Charter Services will transport your family, the wedding party, or your friends and guests to your wedding venue, reception, or anywhere else you might want to gather for your special day.

From the cake to the flowers to the reception, we know you have dozens of phone calls and arrangements to make. That’s why we make it easy to take care of your wedding transportation with our charter bus rental. Whether you need to transport ten people or a hundred people, we can arrange for convenient and efficient ground transportation.

Using a Charter Bus Service for Your Wedding

One of the details you may need to work out for your wedding day is the parking for your guests. If you’ve invited a large number of people to witness your wedding, you might need to think about overflow parking, valet parking, or using a coach bus service to transport guests to your venues.

For example, the church where you have your nuptials might offer plenty of parking, but you might find that parking is difficult to find around the outdoor reception area where your guests will gather after the ceremony. You can ask your guests to form carpools, but sharing vehicles can become a hassle when some guests wish to leave, but the people with whom they shared a car haven’t yet finished having fun at the reception.

Using a charter bus rental means you can transport your guests in comfort from an available parking lot to your reception or another venue without worrying about where everyone will park their cars. Another benefit of using charter bus companies for your big day is that you can ensure the timely arrival of your wedding party with on-time, convenient, and comfortable transportation.

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Let Austin Charter Services Handle Your Wedding Coach Bus Service

We know your wedding will be one of the most special and memorable events of your life, and we’re here to help you cross one more item off your “to do” list for your big day. Get in touch with us today to see how a bus rental from our modern fleet can help everything run smoothly on your wedding day.