College and University Groups

Austin Charter Services is your source for safe transportation services for your college team, group, or program. We subscribe to “Safety in Motion” for every trip we take, which means we devote ourselves to ensuring students, faculty, and everyone on board is treated to a safe, courteous, and on-time transportation experience.

We offer charter bus service for all facets of college life, from sports teams that require a bus service to attend away games to charter bus services for the debate team and their competition. We offer a variety of transportation options, from passenger buses to motorcoaches, as well as school bus rentals and standard transit buses.

Comfort, Convenience, and “Safety in Motion”

We offer a proven track record for transportation services across Texas, as well as throughout the Southwest. We’ve fueled our recent growth and success through positive word-of-mouth and an excellent reputation for providing stellar service for any trip and any distance.

College students often have their own transportation or can get a vehicle to travel to an away game for sports or a collegiate event in another town, but it’s much safer to invite all students to take a charter bus rental to the destination.

Even if a university student has several years of driving experience, spending time with classmates in a modern, clean, and safe environment, such as one of our passenger buses, helps students connect, socialize, and build a stronger team while traveling.

Imagine you’re the captain of the debate team, and you need to ensure the entire team arrives at the venue at the same time and ready to perform. Rather than seeing everyone off in their own vehicles with a long, tiring drive, you can join them in a comfortable motorcoach. Not only will everyone arrive rested and mentally prepared to participate, but you can even get in a little practice during the journey.

Arrange Your College & University Travel with Austin Charter Services

Austin Charter Services can provide as many comfortable, safe seats as you need for your trip, and you’ll enjoy the comfort and convenience of a coach bus service that arrives on time, focuses on driver safety, and provides exceptional, courteous service every mile of the journey. Contact Austin Charter Services today to discover how a bus rental company can provide expert transportation services for your college or university group.