Planning a Senior Citizens Trip to a Casino

Casinos are popular places for senior citizens to travel and spend some cash. However, for many older adults the process of driving there can be stressful. What better way to get a group of senior citizens together than by renting a coach bus to take them? If you’re in charge of planning group activities for your local AARP group or another organization, then you’ll appreciate a few tips we have on planning a group trip to a casino.

Book the Trip Well in Advance

Any kind of trip takes time to plan. When the trip involves a lot of people, it takes even longer to coordinate schedules and make sure everyone is on the same page. If you are renting a passenger bus to take your group to a casino, the charter bus company will appreciate your reservations well in advance so they can make sure your trip goes smoothly. If your trip is going to be overnight, planning the trip with the bus company requires even more preparation.

Decide How Long Your Bus Trip Will Be

Some bus trips might be better suited for an overnight trip or even an extended trip. For example, if you’re leaving from Austin and driving up to the Choctaw Casino and Resort in Oklahoma, your trip would be more enjoyable if you spent a few days there as opposed to just overnight and feeling rushed. A local trip with a shorter drive might be a good overnight or even day trip for your group.

Get a Head Count

When you’re planning a charter bus trip, you need to know how big of a bus you’re going to need. It’s important to get a head count early on so you can estimate costs and book the correct size bus for your group. Also, many casino resorts will give group discounts if your group is big enough. Reserving the right number of rooms is important for saving money in the long run.

Make an Itinerary

For your peace of mind and for informational purposes for your bus rental company, having a clear itinerary of what you plan on doing with your group, what time things will take place, and where you’re going will be important for organization. If you need to leave the casino at a certain time, your driver and charter company needs to know that so they can be punctual. Your group will also appreciate knowing what’s going on and at what time so they can be prepared.

Let Austin Charter Services Get You There

We have a reputation for safety and customer satisfaction. Our drivers can get you where you’re going safely and efficiently. Consider using one of our charter buses to take your senior citizens group to your destination. Contact us today to learn more about our services and book your trip!