Coach Bus Memorial Day Travel Ideas

The start to everyone’s summer is just around the corner! Memorial Day is a big travel holiday for many people around Texas. Family cookouts, fireworks, boating on the lake, and remembering service members who lost their lives are all of part of celebrating the holiday. If you haven’t made plans yet, then here are a few coach bus trips you can take to make your holiday a little more exciting!

Take a Motorcoach to Lake Travis

Lake Travis is one of the most popular vacation spots in the Austin area. During the summer months, people from all over rent cabins on the lake and host friends for a weekend to enjoy the summer season. For Memorial Day, consider getting a group of friends together and taking a motorcoach rental to the lake for the weekend. No one has to worry about driving or how to get there.

Rent Out a House for the Weekend With Family

Vacation rentals in people’s homes are becoming more and more popular for large families or groups of friends. Celebrating Memorial Day is so much more fun when everyone you love can be together under one roof. A great way to coordinate driving and how to get there is by using a coach bus service like Austin Charter Services. Our drivers pick you up at your desired location and then drive your group to your destination. When it’s time to leave, they’ll pick you up and bring everyone back home.

Spend the Day at a Park

A lot of families end up going to a local park to spend Memorial Day because it’s free and easy to get to. On major holidays though, parking becomes a problem. If your church group or family is hosting a celebration or get together at a park, consider renting a bus to get everyone to the park without clogging up the parking lot.

Use Austin Charter Services to Get You There

Memorial Day is a special holiday to many people. Enjoy the day with your friends and family without the stress of driving. Our professional bus drivers can get you safely to your destination at an affordable rate. Contact us today for more information!