7 Songs to Add to Your Charter Bus Road Trip Playlist this Labor Day

Labor Day is here and officially signals what can be seen as the end of summer.  With a long weekend ahead, it is no surprise that families are eager to get out on the open road and find one last adventure before the coolness of fall arrives.

Austin Charter Services has an assortment of charter bus rental vehicles for your family to use. Renting a charter vehicle takes away the stress of how you are going to get to your destination, and adds more time to enjoy what is really important; time with your family.

So, you have your motorcoach set up and are prepared to enjoy your road trip. What would a good, long ride be without a proper playlist to use as a soundtrack?

We know that families are diverse and age ranges can be quite large. This can make creating your playlist a difficult task in order to ensure you appeal to all members of your family.

Austin Charter Services has created the beginnings of a timeless playlist that will appeal to the pop fan, rockers, and country lovers in your family.

1. Life is a Highway – Rascal Flatts

For the family member that loves to travel in their cowboy hat and boots, put this song on your playlist. In no time at all, your family will be grooving to this tune and be prepared to ride the highways “all night long.”

2. Walking on Sunshine – Katrina and the Waves

This timeless song is one of the best choices to keep the feeling of summer alive during your coach bus rental trip. The winds may be coming into town, but let Katrina and the Waves help you stay in a sunny mindset.

3. Don’t Stop Believin’ – Journey

This song is one of those songs that everyone pretty much knows a section of (if not the whole song). Get ready to have grandpa playing his air guitar during the solo, and enjoy singing this ‘70s classic together.

4. Happy – Pharrell Williams

If you have kids in the family, there is no doubt that you have heard this song. Turn this famous tune on in your charter bus rental and get your family happily bobbing along as the summer comes to a close.

5. Best Day of My Life – American Authors

The upbeat sounds of this modern hit will appeal to the indie lover in your family. Play a game to see who can sing the “woah-oh-oh” sections of this song the loudest.

6. Hopeless Wanderer – Mumford and Sons

When it is time to tone the tunes down on your charter bus trip put this Mumford and Sons song on. It is guaranteed to relax the family while also keeping the spirit of your current wanderings alive.

7. Party in the USA – Miley Cyrus

If the sounds of her father singing about his achy breaky heart are a little outdated for your family, put on Miley Cyrus’ popular song that celebrates the beauty of exploring the USA in your coach bus rental. Your trip with Austin Charter should be a private party for your family. Our tip is to let this song be the opening track to kick off your trip.

Take Your Next Family Road Trip on a Charter Bus with Austin Charter Services

If you are eager to get your family out on a last road trip for the summer, give us a call today. Austin Charter Services is a bus company that has certified drivers, flexible bookings, and a fleet of vehicles that can occupy most party sizes. We are prepared to send you off on your excursion in comfort and style.