10 Fun Things to Do in Austin, TX in the Spring

Ah, Austin, Texas. You may have heard the phrase, “Keep Austin weird,” or know that it seems to spawn famous guitar players like Stevie Ray Vaughan and Eric Johnson (just Google Texas Flood and Cliffs of Dover). But what about fun stuff to do in Austin? Let’s begin the list of things to do in Austin in the spring!

The Bats

Depending on your opinion regarding bats, you might think this one is weird. Hey, Austin’s cool with that. But this is a truly unique, spectacular event. You see, the world’s largest bat colony lives in Austin (are you that surprised?), and you can see them take off at dusk to search for their nightly meals. How many bats are we talking about here? Oh, only about one and a half million. They live under the South Congress Avenue bridge and yes, every night, they come out to feed. 

Hot Luck Fest

No list of things to do in Austin in the spring would be complete without mentioning the BBQ! Now, while the barbecue is awesome here in general, there’s also a massive three-day food festival on Memorial Day weekend called Hot Luck Fest. They have live music from cool bands, including a performance by DJ Jazzy Jeff and DJ Mel! The food will be cooked by people from the famous Franklin’s Barbecue as well as personalities from Top Chef. Area chefs will also come to prepare some unbelievable dishes.

Zilker Botanical Garden

Things to do in Austin in the spring must include a visit here if you love nature. Aside from the gorgeous heritage live oaks, you also can visit themed gardens, such as: 

  • Taniguchi Japanese Garden
  • The Riparian Streambed
  • The Hartman Prehistoric Garden
  • The Mabel Davis Rose Garden

They also have events like Yoga in the Garden now through May 25th and a surreal art exhibit called The Surreal Garden at the end of April.


It’s pronounced, “South by Southwest,” and it happens every spring in Austin. It’s one of the most important events for bands and new, underground films that are seeking to get discovered. Yes, this is another must-add to your “things to do in Austin in the spring” list. There are celebrities who love attending (John Krasinski and Emily Blunt are in the Film Festival thumbnail on the website), and panels and sessions with guests, comedians, and conference speakers are on the itinerary, too. 2022’s event is over, but we’re telling you about this now so you can get your passes for next year. They’re pretty in demand, as you might imagine.

Moontower Just For Laughs

Things to do in Austin in the spring also include dealing with stitches in your side from laughing. There are some seriously big names in comedy at this festival, which is currently running through April 24th. Sarah Silverman, Dana Carvey, David Spade, Jimmy O. Yang, Marc Maron, Paul F. Thompkins, Pete Holmes, and a lot more comedians are on the roster.

There are also panels with cast members from shows like Barry, I Love You For That, and A Black Lady Sketch Show. You can be part of podcast recording audiences. You can meet celebrities. The list of guests and venues is insanely long. If you are a comedy fan, this is a must-attend. If you miss this year’s festival, don’t worry. They do this every year.

Drive-Thru Zoos

If you’ve never been to a drive-thru zoo or safari experience, it’s what it sounds like. Never had a zebra walk up and fog your window with its breath? Yeah, that can happen here! There are a lot of zoos to choose from in the Austin area, such as:

  • Exotic Resort Zoo
  • Topsey Exotic Ranch & Drive-Thru Safari
  • Sanctuary Serengeti
  • Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch
  • Franklin Drive Thru Safari 

Each one offers you and your family an opportunity to get a wildly different experience than you would in a traditional zoo. Just make sure to follow warnings about keeping your windows shut and your doors locked.

The Blanton Museum of Art

Perhaps after going on that safari, you want something more “indoorsy.” Thursdays are free admission to the relaxing and quiet Blanton Museum of Art. Far from being your typical “paintings from before 1850 on the wall” type of museum, the BMA houses a vast and eclectic collection of pieces as well as performance art events, video installations, and photography.

Mount Bonnell

You know what? Let’s get back out into nature. Since the 1830s, Mount Bonnell has attracted visitors thanks to its stunning views and excellent hiking. And in one of our favorite bits in the “wish we could have seen that happen” category, the official Visit Austin website mentions entertainment over the years at Mount Bonnell. Apparently, it included events such as when “Hazel Keyes, trailed by her monkey, slid down a cable stretched from the top of Mt. Bonnell to the south bank of the lake below in 1898.” Not just a monkey, but her monkey. The 1800s were wild.

Located in Covert Park, the mountain stands at 781 feet tall, which is one of the highest points in Austin. If you want to see an incredible view, head to the 360 bridge. You will not be disappointed. Picnic in the park and enjoy the sunsets and sunrises, too.

SFC Farmers’ Market

Head into downtown Austin and enjoy one of the most sprawling, epic farmers’ markets you could possibly attend. Pasture-raised meat, fresh and seasonal veggies and fruits, locally made pastries and coffee — it’s everything you want out of a farmers’ market. The SFC Farmers’ Market takes place every Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. in Republic Square in downtown Austin. Keep in mind they do have to close the streets for this, so if you drive around and get stuck because of street barriers, that’s why.

The Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center

This attraction is reservation only, but it’s definitely worth it. The center has 650 species of wildflowers on display in special gardens and trails. These plants are unique, one-of-a-kind experiences. Go birdwatching, learn about sustainable growing, enjoy antique architecture, check out art exhibits, learn how to harvest rainwater, and even schedule your wedding here. It is a truly special place that represents the character of Austin, Texas, well. 

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