Motorcoaches for Your Summer Travel Needs

The summer months are the most popular travel times of the year. During this season, our motorcoach rental business picks up a lot and we transport our customers all over the place. The trips people go on vary greatly and it’s always exciting to see where we’ll be heading next. Here are a few summer trips to think about taking.

Church Camp

Many area churches send their youth groups to church camps around the state. If the church doesn’t have their own bus, they rent one of our school buses to take their group to camp. Kids load up their duffels and sleeping bags into our buses and we safely take them and their group leaders to sleep away camp.

Tourist Bus Trips

Tourism in Texas picks up significantly during the summer. Many of our customers organize tourist trips to take groups all over different cities for a few days. Seeing Austin by passenger bus is much easier than doing so by car. Our customers appreciate the convenience and stress-free nature of their trip. A few great places to see in the Austin area are the state capitol building, Lake Travis, Barton Springs Pool, and Sixth Street.

Family Reunions

Every summer, families get together for family reunions. We take entire families to their reunion space by bus. If parking is limited, then this is a great option. A lot of reunions are held at parks, campgrounds, and even rented homes on Lake Travis. If you haven’t seen your extended family this year, this is a great trip to take!

Waterpark Trip by Bus

Texas is home to a lot of great waterparks. If you’re trying to get a group to go, it’s much more fun to get the whole group together and go bus motorcoach. Waterparks like Schlitterbahn routinely welcome tour buses to their waterpark for a day of waterslides and sunshine!

Book Your Trip With Austin Charter Services

We provide our clients with quality, affordable bus services in the state of Texas. Every client is important to us and so is their trip. If you’re planning a vacation or even day trip this summer, we’d love to be included in it! Give us a call today to learn more or book your trip!