Best Road Trip Games for Your Charter Bus Ride

When you go on a road trip, the preparation for the actual trip always takes precedence over the activities you plan on doing while waiting to get there. Most road trips are long and sometimes boring, but they don’t have to be. If you’re taking a bus trip, then you don’t have to worry about paying attention to the road and instead you can enjoy playing games with fellow travelers to help pass the time. Our road trip experts at Austin Charter Services are offering up a few fun road trip games to make your trip go faster.

Start a Road Trip With Alphabet Categories

Adults on your trip will enjoy this as it can get particularly difficult. Select a category such as vegetables and start with the letter ‘A’ and continue down the alphabet. Each person has to name a veggie that begins with the next letter in the alphabet. For example, the first veggie could be asparagus and the next veggie would begin with the letter ‘B’. If the next player can’t name something, then they’re out. It’s a fun game that keeps everyone busy and laughing on a charter bus.

Play ‘Word Associations’

This game gets your brain thinking and makes any bus trip that much more fun. The first person starts with a word. For example, they could say ‘hamburger’ and the next person would say a word associated with the first word, such as ‘mustard’. The person after them would then say a word associated with mustard such as ‘condiments’. Whoever says a word that doesn’t make sense is out! Games like these are hilarious to play and even provides a little entertainment for your professional charter bus driver.

Get Competitive With Road Trip Bingo

This game requires a little planning ahead for your coach bus trip. Print out multiple bingo cards with a road trip related theme such as traffic signs or license plates from around the country. Hand a bingo sheet out to each participant along with a pencil for them to keep track of their bingo marks. You can either call out things on the sheet or make it at on-going game allowing participants to scratch things off on their sheet as they see them on the trip. Whoever gets bingo first wins.

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