3 Reasons To Use A Charter Bus For Your Next Group Travel

There is a special bond you make with someone when you experience something new together. The action of leaving your routine life to arrive somewhere unfamiliar is exciting in itself. When you are getting chartered you share something with the people surrounding you. It might be your last name, the sports team you play for, a great friend who is about to commit the rest of their life to the person they love, but more than often you share a goal. Whether this goal is reuniting as a family, winning the biggest game of the season, or getting home safety after a fun night, it’s the journey that leads up to it that ends up being the best part of it all. After all, you can’t have a wedding without going on a few dates and can’t win a championship without showing up to practice. At Austin Charter Services we know how important the journey is.

Safer Travelling

Driving can be dangerous, especially when you are away from home. Our professional drivers know Austin like the back of their hand and are certified by the state of Texas. Using a charter service for your vacation, wedding, or outing can also eliminate the risk of drunk driving accidents. Getting chartered by one of our sober, knowledgeable, and experienced drivers is the safest way to get around Austin.

Lowers Your Ecological Footprint

The combustion of fossil fuels like diesel and gasoline released by cars, trains, and other vehicles accounts for roughly 31% of all the CO2 emissions in the US. Using a charter service is one of the ultimate ways to carpool and reduce your carbon footprint as a group. Travel comfortably knowing that you’re helping the environment.

It’s a whole lot of fun

We are proud of all the smiles, laughter, and stories that have been shared on our vehicles. After you experience something great with a group of people the ride home is almost like a highlight reel of reminiscing. People are excited talking about the big client that got signed, the vows that were exchanged, or the awesome goal someone made. The experiences people have through Austin Charter Services aren’t like other experiences. They are ones that leave you with stronger friendships, entertaining stories, and a desire for more.

Experience the journey with Austin Charter Services. Serving Austin, Texas since 2005.